Library Board of Directors


 The Missouri River Regional Library is governed by a regional board of directors under a contractual agreement between the City of Jefferson-Cole County Library Board and the Osage County Library Board. Board members are appointed to three-year terms in the City of Jefferson-Cole County Library District and four year terms in the Osage County Library District per RSMO 182.050 and 182.291.   

The MRRL library board is responsible for setting policy, approving the budget and hiring the library director. The individual boards also set the annual property tax rate for the operating levy in their respective county.

Agendas and minutes of the regular monthly Board meetings are available as PDF files.

Each board operates under its own set of bylaws:

Board Members


MRRL Board of Trustees:

  • Abbey Rimel, President
  • Jennifer Jacobs, Vice President
  • Nicoll Clarkston, Secretary
  • Lyle Roseburg, Treasurer
  • Donna White
  • Randy Collect
  • Vicki Ford
  • Kathy Penfold
  • Marge Kudrna
  • Jane Dolan
  • Betty Herndon
  • Debbie Rowles
  • Katrinka Goldberg


City of Jefferson /Cole County Board Members:


  • Marge Kudrna, President
  • Vicki Ford, Vice President
  • Kathy Penfold, Secretary
  • Donna White, Treasurer
  • Kathy Penfold
  • Lyle Rosburg
  • Nicoll Clarkston
  • Abbey Rimel
  • Randy Collett


Osage County Library District Board Members:


Jane Dolan, President
Betty Herndon, Vice-President
Jennifer Jacobs, Secretary
Debbie Rowles, Treasurer
Katrinka Goldberg
Jennifer Jacobs, Voting Member-MRRL
Debbie Rowles, Voting Member-MRRL
Jane Dolan, Alternate Voting Member




Agenda and Minutes of MRRL Boards