Book Sale

The booksale is coming!

The piles of books (as seen from my office in the Administration Building, across the street from the main library - and this is only 1/4 of the actual pile) are growing, even as the date for the 2012 Book Sale fast approaches.

Book Sale 2010

Book Sale 2010

The library is gearing up for this year's used book sale - we do this every year with ABLE and it is always a very popular event for our patrons! We've been accepting book donations all year and we have a massive number of books that will be available for sale - at very reasonable prices! The book sale will be open from Wednesday, March 10th to Saturday, March 13th - come to the St. Martins Knights of Columbus Hall by and see what books, movies, games and much more we have for you!
Click the A button in the map below to get directions from your house to the book sale:

Annual Used Book Sale

The MRRL & ABLE Annual Book Sale starts Wednesday March 12th and runs through Saturday, March 15th at
Knights Of Columbus, St. Martins

Over 90,000 Items! One of the largest sales of it's kind in the Midwest