Book Lists

The Missouri Book Challenge and MRRL

This year, your public library's staff are participating in the Missouri Book Challenge - a way for public libraries across the state to competeon how many books are read by staff and provide some excellent reading advice to our patrons. We have several challenges set up that the staff will be attempting to reach (including 500 books read by July and a year-end "who read the most pages" challenge).

Remembering Pearl Harbor

Today is Pearl Harbor day - you may see the flags at government offices flying at half-mast in rememberance. If you would like to know more about the attack on Pearl Harbor, MRRL has many books and movies that will let you know all about this event.

9/11 - 10 years later

There are a number of books that have been published in the last 10 years dealing with the events of 9/11/2001. You can find many of them here, at the library:


Spring has come and with it the opportunity to eat local foods grown here in Mid-Missouri. People who eat only food that is grown locally are called Locavores - and the concept is gaining in popularity. Mid-Missouri has its share of farmer's markets where people can pick up food that was grown very close to where they live - and more and more food co-ops and "pick your own" farms are popping up all the time!

Tax Forms and Information @ Your Library

The library has a (limited) selection of tax forms available in the Public Computer Center and, of course, you are welcome to print off any others that you need from our computer center as well.

NPR Books Site

Do you like to read? Do you ever find yourself wondering what you could possibly read next?

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day Mid-Missouri! Labor Day began as an effort to secure better working conditions for America's laborers. The history of Labor Day can be found at Today it's better known as a end-of-summer barbecue opportunity. For those of you with the day off, enjoy it!

Volunteering and Helping Others

It's Be Kind to Humankind week, and the library is just the place to go to find resources to help you help others.

A Presley Anniversary

Today is the 33rd Anniversary of Elvis Presley's death. You can remember the man and his music (and films) by stopping by the library to pick up a CD or movie to watch tonight in honor of his life and talents.

It’s National Aviation Week!

Do you love airplanes? Have a special child in your life who is fascinated by them? Celebrate National Aviation Week by coming by the library and picking up a book (or two) about airplanes!