Special Programs

Geek The Library

April is Geek the Library month at the Missouri River Regional Library and marks the beginning of a year-long campaign. In this campaign, the word “geek” is used as a verb with the meaning: To love, to enjoy, to have an intense passion for. To express an interest in. To possess a large amount of knowledge in. “Whatever you geek, the Missouri River Regional Library supports you,” said Helen Rigdon, MRRL director. “That’s the message we want to send through this campaign."

Civility And Compassion - A Special Event

 Unrest on city streets, bullying in schools and political discord have resulted in a feeling that American society has lost a sense of civility and compassion in daily life. Poll after poll indicates that in the 21st century Americans feel that the lack of civility is a major problem.

Louisiana Purchase

Charlie Palmer, head of the Lewis & Clark Task Force, presents an update to his popular presentation last year on the Louisiana Purchase: Why Did Napoleon Sell So Much for So Little? This lecture will be illustrated with new slides.

Resume Workshop

Need help putting your resume together? Mid-Missouri writer Jeanne Worthen will be at the library on Saturday, August 7th from 2-3:30 p.m. in the Story Hour room to help you improve your chances at landing that perfect job. Bring your resume in and Jeanne will show you how to make it better - tips on layout, wording and style will give you a recipe to stand out above the crowd in your job hunt.

Atomic Bomb Exhibit

Check out the Atomic Bomb Exhibit, beginning today, June 1st, at the Churchill Museum in Fulton. The exhibit includes a typical home fallout shelter as well as movies, photos, toys and more that show how the atomic bomb influenced life in the 50's and 60's. For more information on the atomic bomb, check out our resources here at MRRL! The exhibit will be in place until June 9th.

Library Meeting Rooms

Did you know that the library offers meeting room space (as available) to the public? Just today we have the JCHE Math Club (at 1pm in the Art Gallery, East side), the Cole County Partners for Clean Air meeting (5:30pm in the Art Gallery, East side), the Cole County Career Preparation Class - Youth Services (6pm Art Gallery, West side) and the Stamp Club (6pm in the Storyhour room).