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Young Fredle by Cynthia Voigt, Louise Yates (Illustrator), 240 pages, read by Angie, on 12/19/2012

Fredle is a pantry mouse. All he knows is the pantry and the kitchen where they scavenge for food. One day he and his cousin Axle find a tasty treat and gorge themselves on the chocolate and cream. Little do they know that chocolate is bad for mice and they get sick. A sick mouse is not a useful mouse and his family sends him out of the pantry. Missus discovers him in the kitchen and throws him outside. Outside he discovers a whole new world and new experiences. He meets the field mice who help him find the best places to scavenge food. He becomes friends with the dog Sadie. And he is kidnapped by the Rowdy Boys, a gang of raccoons. He discovers that the world is much bigger than the pantry, but he really just wants to find a way home. Once he gets home though he finds that he has changed and no longer fits in with the pantry mice.

I think this is a good tale about experiencing the world beyond your home and realizing that your perceptions are not always accurate. The pantry mice are very insular and afraid of anything they do not know. Once Fredle has all these experiences and comes to know more than the average he no longer fits in with their small world. His life is much bigger than they can image or than they want to image. I enjoyed the message of this story and I think it is a good one for kids.

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