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You Only Die Twice by Edna Buchanan, 322 pages, read by Helen, on 05/16/2013

The perfect, nude corpse of a beautiful woman washes up on a pristine Miami Beach — her body tanned and shapely, her nails elegantly manicured. The problem is that the victim, Kaithlin Jordan, was murdered ten years ago. And her convicted killer — her husband, R. J. Jordan, scion of a wealthy and powerful South Florida family — sits on death row, just weeks away from his execution.Newspaper reporter Britt Montero recalls the high-profile murder trial that heated up a volatile tropical city like the merciless August sun. Even without a body, the prosecution’s case against Jordan seemed airtight and the jury enthusiastically bought into it. Now R.J. is preparing to walk — benefiting from the murderous “largess” of whoever drowned his wife in the ocean off Miami Beach — and Britt’s boundlessly curious nature is energized once more by a slew of questions that suddenly need answers. Did Kaithlin frame her husband for murder –

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