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Working Stiff by Rachel Caine, 320 pages, read by Brian, on 03/08/2012

Working Stiff is a zombie story.  Not your “I want to eat your flesh” zombie story but rather I will bring you back to life story. Bryn Davis has had a bad first week of work at the mortuary.  Not only is she adjusting to her new job; she also died. You see, Bryn stayed at work too long and stumbled into illegal happenings in the basement. A pharmaceutical company has developed a drug which can bring deceased people back to life, for a fee, of course.  The drug is not a permanent cure and the individual must keep getting shots or rot away and die.

Davis was left to die but the good guys gave her the shot and now she now a working stiff trying to catch the bad guys.  Will this be a dead end for Bryn?  Read the book and find out.

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