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Wine Wars by Mike Vesth, 255 pages, read by Tracy, on 09/22/2012

If you love wine you’ve probably gone to the store to buy a bottle and stood in front of the shelves and asked yourself these questions. Should I try something different, how much should I spend, why would I buy wine in a box and how did so many different wines from all over the world end up at my local store? Globalization is one answer. The author of Wine Wars, Mike Veseth, is a wine economist. Wine is a product and if you want to market it you have to keep up with the times. Global warming and the economy have a lot to do with wine. If you read the label of most bottles you might find that it doesn’t have one type of wine in it. The cheaper brands might have a mixture of various varieties. How it got to your store might surprise you. It could’ve been shipped in huge vats by cargo ship and then bottled here in the USA. It’s cheaper and there is less breakage. Most countries produce wine but the people who live there may not drink it. Germany produces white wines mostly because of the climate but the population prefers red wine. I learned a lot about wine and the world and you might find this book interesting if you enjoy wine.

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