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William Augustus Bowles, Director General of the Creek Nation by J. Leitch Wright, Jr., 211 pages, read by Janet, on 03/07/2012

William Augustus Bowles, Director General of the Creek NationThis is the biography of a very busy young man who was born in Maryland to British parents, joined the Maryland Loyalists when the American Revolution broke out, became unhappy with military life and joined the Indians, then spent the rest of his short life working with both sections.  He married two Indian women and a white woman and had a family with each.  He was talented in theater, art, baking, trading, and outdoor sports.  He tried to establish an independent Indian Nation aligned with Britain, but was unsuccessful.  He was captured by Spanish-American-half-breed soldiers at a council meeting and placed in a fort cell in Havana.  There, Bowles was chained in a dungeon and eventually starved to death.  This was a tragic end of a colorful and controversial figure who was a natural leader and was both admired and disliked by many political groups,  He had wide-spread interests and was at home in both a London drawing room or an Indian village

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