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Wildwood by Colin Meloy, 560 pages, read by Angie, on 02/18/2012

The best way to describe Wildwood is an American Narnia. Prue’s baby brother is abducted by a murder of crows and taken into the Impassable Wilderness outside Portland. She ventures there with her friend Curtis to get him back. In the IW she meets talking animals, bandits, villains, mystics and all kinds other people. Some helpful some not so helpful. Curtis and Prue are separated and have to make their own way through Wildwood but they eventually join back together to help save the day at the end. There is a lot of adventure, heroics and a bit a scariness in this book. The characters are good. Prue and Curtis are well written heroes; sure they have their faults but they turn out good in the end. The villain…the Dowager Governess is a nice one; she is the villain but she also tries to turn you to her side. The secondary characters are also fun: the postmaster, the bandit king, the avian prince. If I have a complaint about this book it is that it is long for a children’s book (over 500 pages) and the language does get a bit stuffy at times. But the illustrations are fun and I think if kids stick with it they will enjoy it. It is part of a trilogy, but this volume ends well enough that I don’t think you will have to continue reading if you don’t want to.

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