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Who Hell the Pansy O'Hara? by Jenny Bond, 318 pages, read by Melody, on 02/11/2012

Spoiler alert:  Pansy O’Hara was what the character of Scarlett O’Hara was called in the early drafts of Gone with the Wind.  A must read for any bibliophile, Who the Hell is Pansy O’Hara?  is comprised of small chapters about the stories behind beloved books.  Full of interesting tidbits that any reader will love; Truman Capote and Harper Lee where childhood friends, Arthur Conan Doyle had sworn off Sherlock Holmes but  Hound of the Baskerfields was so compelling that he had to write him again, and Lord of the Flies was written by a teacher who found cloying feel-good portrayals of boys untrue.  Great romp through literature.

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