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Whistin' Dixie In A Nor'Easter by Lisa Patton, 312 pages, read by Pamela, on 09/29/2013

whistlin dixieDripping with Southern charm and feisty conversation, this tale about a Southern belle and her husband operating a quaint Vermont inn is one laugh after another.  Leelee Satterfield, along with her two daughters, follows husband Baker to Vermont where his dream to operate a quaint inn and restaurant goes awry.  Leelee is left to run the inn by herself and does so with a fierce determination when facing a hefty mortgage and the desire to make the inn ‘a go’ on her own so she can eventually return to her beloved Memphis, Tennessee.

She reshapes the inn and restaurant in her own Southern style, with a little help from her Memphis girlfriends.  Leelee realizes she can handle just about anything the Vermonters can throw at her.

And, just so you know, the South does not have a monopoly on “characters”; you’ll discover that once you meet Helga, Rolf, Roberta, Jeb and George Clark.  These characters will keep you in stitches throughout the entire book.

I listened to the book on CD, but it’s hilarious whether you read or listen.

The next installment in the Dixie series is Yankee Doodle Dixie.  Check it out.

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