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Whispers In The Dark by Maya Banks, 333 pages, read by Robin, on 01/29/2012

Whispers in the DarkIn this installation of the KGI Series (Kelly Group International), Maya Banks gives us Nathan’s story – one of the Kelly brothers who make up the various stories in this series. The action begins with Nathan in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan, being tortured by terrorists. In the midst of this torture, he connects (telepathically) with a woman named Shea who is able to take some of his pain from him. She is instrumental in getting him out of the terrorists hands, but then cuts all mental contact – until she finds herself in need of help. Nathan goes rushing off to help her and the action never really lets up after that. This was one of those books that I gulped down in a single day – I was drawn in by the story and happy to find out what had happened to the other brothers whose stories I’d read before. It looks like the stories will branch out a bit – Rio (not a Kelly brother, but one of the KGI team members) seemed to be quite taken with Shea’s sister, though he only saw her on video for a short time. He took off to find her and protect her from the folks who want to exploit the sisters’ mental powers, so I imagine the next book in the series (or at least one of the next books…) will follow their story.

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