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When We Collide by A.L. Jackson, 338 pages, read by Nikki, on 03/01/2013

When We CollideWilliam has spend the past 6 years trying to forget about Maggie. He’s become somebody he hates, and still hasn’t gotten Maggie out of his head. William met Maggie, 6 years ago in his home town during the summer. He instantly was attracted to her and felt protective of her. Maggie was a shy young girl who desperately wanted to escape her abusive home life. She was involved with a man that at first treated her right, but then quickly turned possessive and abusive. William tried to rescue Maggie from this life, but Maggie was to afraid to leave. So when William had no choice but to go back home to be with his dying Aunt, he knew he would have to face Maggie again. What he didn’t know is how much he had missed out on and what he would do to get it all back.

Geeze! Talk about freaking depressing! Maggie has had a truly miserable horrible TERRIBLE life. It was difficult just reading it. But in all honesty and coming from someone that’s been in an abusive relationship, eventually you can get away. The author made Maggie seem so weak it was disgusting. And William wasn’t much better. He seemed like a love sick puppy with no balls at all until it came down to literally a life or death situation. This story was a little to dramatic and depressing for my liking.

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