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When she woke by Jordan, Hillary, 344 pages, read by Claudia, on 01/01/2013

I had the great pleasure of discovering the writing of Hillary Jordan back in December when I read her first novel Mudbound (2006).  Mudbound received the Bellwether Prize for Fiction, and a heck of a writer was introduced to the world.  Her 2nd novel was highly anticipated, and I truly meant to read it long before I did!  It is an amazing read and incredibly hard to put down.  You just have to know what happens and the sooner the better!

When She Woke tells the story of highly likable Hannah Payne, struggling to navigate an America of a not-too-distant future, where the line between church and state has been severed and convicted felons are no longer imprisoned.  Instead, their skin is genetically altered (chromed is the term the author uses) to match the class of their crimes-and then released back into the population to survive as best they can. Hannah is a Red; she has undergone an abortion.  She has refused to give up the name of the Father and the man who performed the abortion.

Upon her release into a brutally hostile world, Hannah begins to question the values she once held true and the righteousness of a country that politicizes faith.

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