27. February 2013 · Comments Off · Categories: Courtney, Graphic Novel, Historical Fiction, Teen Books

Victory by Carla Jablonski, 128 pages, read by Courtney, on 02/20/2013

Victory completes the Resistance trilogy. The Tessier siblings have each been doing their part for the French resistance, but they are now about to embark on their most dangerous mission yet. This final installment takes us to the streets of occupied Paris where information critical to the success of the Resistance is needed. All three siblings make their way to Paris where they are reunited with their old friend, Henri. The tides of war are turning, but how long will it take for Paris to be truly out from under the German’s heels?
Overall, this is a lovely trilogy that highlights the efforts put forth by ordinary people under extraordinary circumstances. There is not a ton of YA fiction out there that details the role of the French during WWII and the graphic novel format makes this era of history that much more accessible. Readers may be surprised to learn that kids their age were indeed playing their own part in fighting the Germans.

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