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Trinkets by Kirsten Smith, 288 pages, read by Courtney, on 05/24/2013

Tabitha, Elodie and Moe couldn’t possibly be more different. Tabitha is your classic popular girl, with all the money, clothes and friends that come with such a status. Elodie is a “good girl”, decent grades, minimal drama. Moe is a cynical goth. Imagine Moe’s surprise when the other two girls show up in her Shoplifter’s Anonymous group. None of them like the group and decide to bond over their addiction to the rush of stealing. They cement their friendship by getting together to see who can steal the best stuff.
Trinkets is a super-fast read and the characters are entertaining, if more than a little cliched. The narrative switches between the three and reveals snippets of the girls’ family lives, which are, predictably, deeply flawed. While this wasn’t really the book for me, plenty of teen girls are going to snap this one up and many will likely see at least a little bit of themselves in one of the three protagonists.

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