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Tricked by Kevin Hearne, 352 pages, read by Angie, on 11/22/2012

TrickedAtticus and Granuaile are on the run after the events in the last book (killing Thor and some other Norse gods). They faked their deaths and got the heck out of Tempe. They end up with Coyote on a reservation. Atticus made a deal with Coyote so they are going to hide out on the reservation for a while. Of course Coyote has ulterior motives for Atticus’s visit. There are vampires and skin-walkers and gods to take care of.

I am really enjoying this series. It is fun and witty and there is a talking dog. Once again Oberon stole the show in this book. I really can’t get enough of that dog. I loved the whole Schwarzenegger Pun Treaty and the penalty of 20 sausages. I enjoyed how that plot ran throughout the whole book in subtle ways as Oberon kept trying to get out of his sausage deficit. I think this is the first book that Granuaile is finally becoming a main character. She has been in the sidelines for a while now but I think she really came into her own here. I enjoy their flirtations and the master/student relationship that has developed. We are getting more and more insight into Atticus’s past and his behavior which I enjoy. I like how Hearne keeps giving us little bits to keep us interested. I can’t wait for the next book.

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