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Trapped by Michael Northrop, 232 pages, read by Courtney, on 11/28/2012

It begins as a normal wintery school day for Scotty and his friends. Then it starts snowing. School lets out early, but Scotty and his buddies decide to stay late to work on a shop project while waiting on ride that’s due to arrive later that afternoon. The snow keeps coming down at an alarming rate and the boys quickly realize that they are among only seven students left in the school. Worse, they are likely not getting out anytime soon. As the unprecedented storm rages, the power, water and heat go out, the windows get buried and cell phones are good only for the limited light of their screens. Scotty and co. are definitely trapped, but for how long? Surely not more than a day, right? Wrong.
This is the story of how seven teens weather the worst storm in US history. Frankly, things could have been much worse, but the tension is still palpable. These are your typical, everyday highschoolers. They hail from different social circles and know little more than the bare minimum about each other. The real trick is whether or not they can survive without killing each other.
Trapped is fast-paced and more or less believable. The characters aren’t the most memorable that I’ve come across, but this is definitely a good one to have to reluctant readers. For me, there was entirely too much foreshadowing and not enough payoff. I had expected this to get much, much darker. Instead, there are some minor scuffles and some bad decisions, but none of the evilness that typically accompanies people in panic mode (in fiction, anyway).

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