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Trapped (The Iron Druid Chronicles #5) by Kevin Hearne, 290 pages, read by Angie, on 01/31/2013

Our favorite druid Atticus and his apprentice Granuaile have spent the last 12 years training so that Granuaile can become a full-fledged druid. This means 12 years have passed since the events in the last book. Granuaile has become a bad ass in the past few years and can pretty much take on anyone. The last thing in the creation of a new druid is binding that person to Gaia. The problem is that the process takes three months and everyone now knows Atticus isn’t dead. So every enemy he has ever made is out to get him and the binding process keeps getting interrupted. You have Bacchus and Loki and vampires and dark elves all out to get rid of the Iron Druid. Plus there are a couple of gods ready to call in favors on Atticus.

This book is much better than the last one which I thought was a bit of a mess. The dialogue between Atticus, Granuaile and Oberon (my favorite character ever!) is sharp and whitty and a lot of fun to read. With all the enemies out to get them, Atticus and company seem to jump from one fight to another. I think it is a little crazy how many factions are after him in this book, but it does make for an exciting read.

I do think the story gets a little bogged down with Hearne’s lectures. That is really all I can think to call them. He lectures on the different gods and pantheons; he comments on the modern world and social issues; I am not sure there is any topic he doesn’t let his opinion be know on. These lectures slow the story and stop the forward progression. I wish he would learn to weave these in a bit better or just control himself.

This is a fun series and I am can’t wait to see where Atticus and Granuaile find themselves next.

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