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Torn by K.A. Robinson, 354 pages, read by Nikki, on 02/22/2013

TornChloe and her two best friends, Amber and Logan, have moved off to West Virgina to start college together. On Chloes first day she sits next to Drake and is instantly attracted to him. Drake is a known “bad boy” on campus and is a singer in a band. Once Logan finds out that Chloe is interested in Drake he confesses his love for her and she is torn between the two men.

I’m not gonna lie. I struggled a bit to get through this book. Though it was nice to read a book that I could put down and not constantly think about and not be satisfied until I picked it back up again. I hate when a woman is portrayed as weak in a book, and she needs other people to hold her up or take care of her. It’s absolutely ridiculous in my mind, and I’m a little tired of reading it. The story was a typical love triangle, lots of heartbreak and lost trust. Though I did like how Chloe wasn’t the typical pretty girl. She was more a rocker chic who didn’t change herself to satisfy other people. The author also added in a few bands that I like to listen to, so there was that. But basically this book was an exact replica of Beautiful Disaster. Literally the same thing, with different character names. The author even references Beautiful Disaster in the first part of the book. Almost as to say, yes I read that book and loved it so I wrote my own version which you are reading now. Still, if I wanted to read Beautiful Disaster again I would have.

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