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To Hellholes and Back by Chuck Thompson, 322 pages, read by Melody, on 03/03/2012

Chuck Thompson is a travel writer and journalist who has been all over the world and loved it.  But what of those places in the world that the State Department, the travel industry, and your mother say you should never go?   To Hellholes and Back is that story.  Thompson chose four places with bad raps; Congo, India, Mexico City, and Disney World (highlight of the book) and recounts his experiences there.   Congo was a land of perpetual bribes; India, two worlds, one of abject poverty and one of technology and promise; and Mexico City  was beer and soccer and just not being able to get kidnapped.  Disney World, ironically, was the stop that Thompson was dreading the most.  Did he succumb to the mind-altering drug that is Disney?  Did Goofy assault him in the parking lot?  Are the speaking heads in the Hall of Presidents as creepy as they seem?  You just have to read it to find out.  I really enjoyed the book and although I have no plans to go to anywhere the State Department issues warnings about, I appreciated that there is always more to a people and a place than what the media tell


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