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Thumped by Megan McCafferty, 290 pages, read by Angie, on 02/24/2013

It has been 8 1/2 months since the events of Bumped. Melody and Harmony are both preggers with twins and eagerly awaiting D4 (Double Double Due Date). Harmony has returned to Goodside with her husband Ram and Melody and Jondoe are shacked up and the most talked about couple in the country. But all is not as it seems and as the due dates get closer secrets are going to come out.

This is such a fun series and this is a fitting ending to it. In this book McCafferty still focuses on the culture of teen sex and surrogacy, but the twins have grown up a bit. They are now less interested in the pop culture obsessed world and more worried about who and what they have become. I think these books are smart, funny and a really interesting comment on our obsession with sex and celebrity.

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