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The Wish Stealers by Tracy Trivas, 281 pages, read by Angie, on 07/06/2012

Griffin is given a box of old pennies by a strange woman. The pennies turn out to be wish pennies that were stolen long ago and because Griffin has them she is a Wish Stealer just like the woman who gave them to her. Wish Stealers take the wishes of others and make bad wishes on others. Griffin must learn how to control her power of bad wishing, find a way to return the stolen wishes all while trying to survive middle school.

This was an enchanting story. I like the idea of stolen wishes and the fact that Griffin has to return them to their original wisher or to someone who wishes the same thing. Griffin acts like a real girl; she struggles with doing the right thing. When confronted with mean girl Samantha she she makes a bad wish, which she regrets when she sees it come true. After that she has to curb her urge to wish bad things on people and try to become the bigger person. I also really enjoyed Griffin’s relationship with her mom and Grandma. These were both great relationships and showed strong women role models for Griffin and the readers. In the end, Griffin learns about doing good, helping others, and becoming a better person.

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