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The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, 256 pages, read by Angie, on 08/16/2013

I don’t think I had ever read The Wind in the Willows before, so when I saw it on Tumblebooks I decided to give it a whirl. This is the story of Ratty and Mole who live together on the riverbank. It is also the story of Mr. Toad, a rascal obsessed with motorcars. Of course there are other characters about who pop up now and then, like Badger, the old codger who tries to set Mr. Toad straight. Each chapter follows the next, but they are almost independent stories in themselves. I enjoyed the adventures of these fellows and thought the book had withstood the test of time fairly well. You can definitely tell it was written 100 years ago, but it doesn’t suffer from it. My only word of caution is that the word “ass” is used quite frequently to describe characters (as in “don’t be an ass Mole”). So there might be some explaining to do if parents are reading it aloud or kids are reading it.

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