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The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown, 320 pages, read by Kira, on 04/18/2013

Weird sistersRosalind, Bianca, and Cordelia, named for Shakespearean characters by their father a Shakespearean professor, each struggles with their individual weaknesses and limitations.  The adult sisters find themselves at home together for a summer, helping their mother with breast cancer.  Rosalind, the oldest, has always been the solid responsible one, never venturing far from home.  Bianca, the middle child, always outshone by her sisters, carved a niche for herself within fashion and looks.  Unfortunately, her expensive habits caught up with her in New York, and she has returned home after her employers discovered Bianca’s embezzling of the company.  Cordelia, the youngest, never expected to be responsible, has followed the gypsy life, couch-surfing, until she gets pregnant, and also returns home.

The story is told from an interesting perspective, from the omniscient we of the sisters, sometimes its from all three sisters, sometimes its from 2 sisters perspectives.

I also liked the way stories from the past were interwoven, with the current issues.  If you like Anne Tyler, you’d probably like this book

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