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The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann, 390 pages, read by Janet, on 05/20/2013

The Unwanteds     In the “perfect” society of Quill, those who don’t follow the exact rules or meet the highest qualifications are weeded out when they reach thirteen.  They are taken to the outer wall of the kingdom, through a gate always kept locked from the inside, and handed to some enormous Eliminators to be thrown into the Boiling Lake of Oil.  Alex and the others knew they were doomed, but were very surprised to be welcomed by a giant flying tortoise and Mr.Today.  They actually had escaped from a land of black and white with stiff rules to a colorful place where people were enjoyed and taught many magic and creative activities that would eventually save their lives.  Alex missed his twin, Aaron, who was a Wanted in Quill, but visited him in dreams, hoping to someday bring him here to Artime.  There are many surprises and lots of exciting experiences – good booki!

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