02. October 2012 · Comments Off · Categories: Literary Fiction, Tracy

The Unlikely Pilgrmage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce, 296 pages, read by Tracy, on 10/02/2012

Harold Fry has retired from working at a brewery and lives in the same house with his wife for 45 years. One day he gets a letter from a former co-worker Queenie. She has terminal cancer and is saying goodbye. Harold decides to write a letter to Queenie but on the way to the postbox he makes a decision that shocks his wife and himself. He decides to deliver the letter himself and walk all the way to her hospice. With no supplies or cell phone he starts walking from southern England to Berwick on the border of Scotland and England. Over 500 miles alone. Fortunately he does have his credit card and it is springtime. This story is very sad at times because Harold has a lot of time to think about all the things he regrets in his life. His one hope is to get to Queenie before she dies and sends her cards along the way. His wife Maureen is confused, angry but eventually she respects his pilgrimage. It’s a life changing pilgrimage for both of them.

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