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The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffennegger, 546 pages, read by Janet, on 05/07/2012

What an unusual but attention-keeping story!  Henry is a time-traveler who vanishes from one moment in time to appear in another – earlier or later in his life, then returns (naked).  He may be gone moments, days, or years at a time.  He meets his wife, Clare, when she is 6, in a meadow near her house.  Through the years he visits her often and teaches her many things about life, nature, music, art – all things she remembers throughout her life.  He sometimes leads a rough and hectic life away from her, but always loves and protects her.  They marry when she is 22 and she knows that he will always return from his travels no matter how long he is gone.  Her age progresses naturally, but his changes in his travels and sometimes he meets himself in another age.  Most of the time he is a librarian – could this happen to us?

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