20. September 2012 · Comments Off · Categories: Science Fiction, Tracy

The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom, 224 pages, read by Tracy, on 09/19/2012

We humans are obsessed with time. When we get up in the morning the first thing we do is look at the clock. It starts with getting to work or school on time. Meetings, appointments, meals, travel schedules, there’s never enough time. This book is about Father Time who is punished for trying to measure time. He lives alone forever without aging and to redeem himself he must teach two humans the true meaning of time. An aging millionaire dieing from cancer and a young teenage girl hopelessly in love. When you are young time goes too slow and when you are older it goes flying by. This book will make you stop and think about how you spend your time and maybe it will change your outlook on life a little.

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