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The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield, 406 pages, read by Melody, on 02/12/2013

Kudos Claudia on an excellent recommendation.  Her intriguing review of The Thirteenth Tale got me to pick up the book and then I couldn’t put it down.  The Thirteenth Tale defies categorization.  It is suspense and mystery with a splash of paranormal with a healthy dose of Gothic ghost story.   Setterfield is a master of the chimera of words, her text shades from beautiful to sad to horrifying within a sentence.  The plot, ah the twisting and turning plot; madness, governesses, reclusive authors,  feral children, murder, love, heartbreak, incest, and bibliophilism.  And the ending, ah the ending, you never see it coming and then realize it couldn’t have been any other way.  Perhaps a perfect book if there ever is such a thing.

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  1. christa says:

    Who can resist a little incest and feral children? I just put this on request.