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The Storm Makers by Jennifer E. Smith , 384 pages, read by Angie, on 11/24/2012

Ruby and Simon are twins living on a farm in Wisconsin. It is a hot dry summer with a drought scorching the land. one day Ruby sees a stranger coming out of the barn. Simon is having an electrifying effect on appliances as he shorts out the toaster and the car battery. It turns out that the stranger, Otis, is in town to tell Simon that he is a Storm Maker. he is part of a group that helps control the weather. Otis is not the only storm maker in town; Rupert London also wants to get a hold of Simon. It seems the storm makers are divided on how to handle the weather. Ruby and Simon must figure out what is going on and get control of Simon’s powers before it is too late.

Ruby and Simon are interesting characters, they are twins who have always done things together but are now growing apart. They are caught between two sides in a conflict they know nothing about. Because Simon is the youngest storm maker ever both sides want to use him. They have to figure out which side to trust and where to turn. I like the conflict in this book it kept the pace going throughout the story. I do think things could have been tightened up a bit though as this was a fairly long book. I liked the storm maker plot, but I found the rest pretty predictable. I don’t think this book is covering any new ground, but it was fun to read.

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