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The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver, 246 pages, read by Angie, on 04/16/2013

Liza wakes up one morning and realizes her brother Patrick is not her brother. His soul has been stolen by the Spindlers. No one believes her, but she knows she has to get Patrick back. Liza journeys below into a a fantastical world of amazing creatures. She befriends a rat named Mirabella, who promises to help her find the Spindlers’ nest. The journey is not without its dangers and Liza and Mirabella have to pass many tests in order to save Patrick and make it back to the surface.

I thought this was a great adventure story. Liza is a wonderfully spunky heroine and really who doesn’t love a rat that wears lipstick? Liza and Mirabella make a great team in this creepy world Oliver has created. I loved all the other creatures down below and the Spindlers were truly CREEPY! I definitely don’t want them to get my soul. I listened to the audio of this book and it was great. The narrator did a wonderful job telling the story.


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