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The Space Between by Brenna Yovanoff, 365 pages, read by Angie, on 04/20/2012

Daphne is the daughter of Lilith and Lucifer. She lives in Pandemonium the city in Hell. She has a life of privilege and boredom. She is tormented by her sisters the Lilim, but protected by her brother Obie. Then one day Obie goes missing. She must leave Hell to find him and the only one who can help her is one of Obie’s human charges…Truman. Truman is a damaged boy. His mother is dead and he had never quite gotten over that. He is on a path of self-destruction. Obie saved him once when he tried tried to commit suicide, but it hasn’t stopped his downward slide into drinking, drugs and anything else he can find. Then Daphne saves him when he almost dies a second time. Together they set out to discover what happened to Obie. They must avoid the Avenging Angel, Azreal, and his pet monster Dark Dreadful, who are out to get all demons and who seem to have a special task in mind for Truman.

This is a story about Heaven and Hell, grief and despair, redemption and damnation. Daphne and Truman are not your typical teen novel characters. Daphne is a demon from hell; she has never known love or compassion or any of those types of emotions. She faces life like a blank slate at times and doesn’t exhibit the emotions you would expect when say your sister is brutally murdered. It makes for an interesting character. Even when she is falling in love with Truman it is not your typical love story because she does not function like your typical person would. Truman is broken in so many ways but he is still human so his emotions do surface but he is also not typical. It is interesting to see these two atypical people discover the world (because really Truman has been oblivious to it as well as Daphne) and fall in love.

I found that I was more interested in Daphne and Truman’s journey than the actual angel/demon plot that was behind it. I didn’t think that plot was as well developed as it could be and at times I really got confused as to the motivations of the background characters. Sure it is all explained in the end but even then it still seemed a bit much. Even so, Daphne and Truman more than made up for what was lacking in the rest of the storytelling. I just found them so atypical and against the norm and that was refreshing and interesting.

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