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The Shadows by Jacqueline West, 224 pages, read by Angie, on 08/18/2012

Olive Dunwoody doesn’t fit in with her mathematical genius parents or any of the kids at school. She has moved around too often to make real friends. But her parents decide to settle down and they buy the spooky, quirky house where Ms. McMartin died at the age of 104. The house has many mysterious knooks and crannies and creepy paintings. The house came with lots of interesting things left over from the McMartin family. Olive discovers a pair of glasses that allow her to see into the paintings; for these paintings are not your normal run of the mill paintings. When you have the glasses on the paintings come to life and you can enter them. Olive discovers and rescues Morton from one painting and she finds the guardians of the house are three peculiar talking cats: Horatio, Harvey and Leopold. They must find a way to fight the darkness that wants out of the paintings and to take back the house.

I loved Olive. She is a spunky, courageous little girl and a great heroine for our story. I thought the cats really added a great comic relieve to the story and they were great at imparting the history of the house and information we needed to know. This is a dark and spooky book with a battle between light and dark as the climax. It is definitely a compelling read.

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