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The Quilt Walk by Sandra Dallas, 212 pages, read by Angie, on 09/20/2013

Emmy Blue is heading West. Her father has decided he is going to build a business block in Golden, Colorado. So the entire family has to pack up and leave Quincy, Illinois and set out with a wagon train to the wild west. Emmy is a little excited and scared to be going west, but she is also sad to leave home, family and friends. As they are walking across the prairie, Emmy starts piecing a quilt her grandma gave her; her mother and aunt piece as well. Along the way, they become friends with others in the wagon train. There are dangers along the trail like rattlesnakes and accidents, but the family finally makes it to Colorado and sets up house.

I enjoyed this historical fiction account of a family heading west. I thought the wagon train life seemed pretty accurate. I like that dangers, both from within and without, were included. The domestic abuse parts were handled very well for this age group and could spark great discussions. I am not sure how you sew and walk, but maybe I am just not that coordinated!

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