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The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder, 360 pages, read by Courtney, on 11/27/2012

Campbell has been suffering from cancer for nearly seven years and is now being told by her doctors that there’s nothing left they can do. Cam, whose life has been pretty unusual in the first place, is unsurprised. Her mother, however, refuses to give up and plans a trip to a small town in Maine that is purported to have miraculous healing properties. Cam is pretty dubious; she’s grown up next to Disney World, where her parents were performers in the Polynesian show. She’s seen the most “magical” place on earth and knows it’s artificial. What could the town of Promise, MA possibly do for her at this point? It doesn’t matter; better than sitting in a hospital, right? Cam, her mother and little sister, Perry, set off for a town where it’s good luck just to find the road that leads into town (behind a lonely Dunkin’ Donuts), the dandelions have purple fuzz and flocks of flamingos appear for no good reason. Cam’s summer will certainly be unusual, if not miraculous.
Infused with a touch of magic-realism, this girl-dying-of-cancer story has a unique spin. Cam is a completely likeable and relate-able character with a wry sense of humor. Her mother and sister are equally charming. The town of Promise, Maine lives up proves to be quirky and enchanting. Unusual occurrences become a way of life. This is a sweet, if somewhat predictable, take on a young woman coming to terms with her life ending far too soon. The real miracle, as expected, is not some crazy medical breakthrough. It is the amount of living a person can do in a short period of time.

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