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The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder, 360 pages, read by Angie, on 01/05/2013

Campbell Cooper is dying and she has been for some time. The cancer she has been fighting since she was a child is finally winning the battle. Cam’s mom doesn’t accept that and wants to try whatever she can to help Cam. She discovers Promise, Maine, a small town with supposed magical healing properties. So she packs up Cam and her sister Perry and moves from Disney World (where she works) to Maine. Promise turns out to be a strange little town. There are purple dandelions and flocks of flamingos. Cam finds not a cure but a life in Promise. She learns to make friends and finds love.

Cam is a fantastic character and your typical dying teenager (if there is one). She is mopey and sarcastic and difficult and fun. You know how her journey must end but the path there was great. I found Promise to be a charming little town and the unusual aspects of it really made you think for a while that miracles might happen. The true miracle in this book is not anything concrete, like a cure for cancer, but it is the miracle of living each day and finding joy in the world around you. Cam’s journey was a wonderful one and definitely worth the read.

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