13. August 2012 · Comments Off · Categories: Andrea, Fiction, Thriller/Suspense

The Poison Tree by Erin Kelly, 336 pages, read by Andrea, on 08/12/2012

How far are you willing to go to protect your family’s best interests? Can you justify your actions no matter how far you go or will you let it eat away at your sanity? Karen has spent the last 10 years trying to figure that out. Dark and very suspenseful, The Poison Tree is about her struggle to keep her best friends’ secrets as well as a few of her own. Even a brief summary would ruin this book. I really enjoyed the unfolding of Karen’s story and how it went back and forth between her future story and how the past 10 years got her to that point in life. The psychotic manner of all three main characters is quite unsettling. Even Karen, who I thought was the sanest one in the book, ended up having a dark side. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good psychological thriller. My husband, who reads zero books a year, said it sounded good. I could see someone making a movie out of this.

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