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The Other Half of My Heart by Sundee T. Frazier, 304 pages, read by Angie, on 01/29/2013

Minnie and Kira are twin sisters and best friends. They are going to spend some time with their Grandma Johnson in North Carolina so they can participate in the Miss Black Pearl pre-teen program (not a pageant!). Kira is really excited about it, but Minnie is nervous and scared. When they get to North Carolina they are forced to confront racism. Even though Minnie and Kira are twins they look nothing alike. Minnie is tall, red-headed and white. Kira is short, curly-headed and black. Their mom is black and their dad is white. They are treated differently by everyone around them it seems. Even Grandma Johnson believes Kira needs improving while Minnie is close to perfect. Minnie comes to realize that both she and Kira are discriminated against and have to come to terms with it.

I think this book as a really good message. The fact that both Kira and Minnie are discriminated against in different ways makes for a good discussion on how we treat people. I thought it was really interesting how Grandma Johnson (who is black) treated her granddaughters. It is explained at the end of the book, but I still felt like she was too harsh. I can’t imagine having her as a grandmother! Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I listened to it on audio and thought the narrator did a great job. I guess my only complaints were about the relationship between Grandma Johnson and the twins. I thought everyone was really terrible to each other and even though it might have been realistic it still was a little uncomfortable. However, I really liked how the girls grew and matured and became more confident in themselves.

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