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The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson, 443 pages, read by Janet, on 06/16/2013

This is a story of a man who was involved in the disrest between North Korea and America.  Jun Do’s mother was a singer and, as all beautiful women in provinces, was shipped to Phongyong.  His father was the Orphan Master, who ran the orphanage where kids were kept until adopted.  Jun Do had to do the unwelcome jobs at Long Tomorrows and was hurt in many ways by his sad father, but was not allowed to be adopted or work in the factories.  When the year of floods came, wiping out many homes, factories, and lives, he became a tunnel-soldier at the age of fourteen, trained in zero light combat.the orphan master's son  When he was twenty-two, he was put on a fishing boat where he was trained in Japanese, some English, and how to listen to military soundings on the radio at night.  He also listened to many other soundings, like the two American girls rowing their way around the world.  He became a professional kidnapper, fell in love with the actress Sun Moon, and took on the role of the leader Kim Jung II to save her.  This story tells the horrible tale of life during those treacherous war years.

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