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The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, 387 pages, read by Andrea, on 07/21/2012

This was a really interesting book. Full of magic, illusions, and suspense it was very difficult to actually get up and do important stuff in between chapters. It is a story of love and finding out who you truly are, etc. However, the way it is written is so interesting. Morgenstern wrote The Night Circus similar to how a 3 ring circus appears. Each ring has its own act. They work independently, yet together they make sense as a whole. Thus the plot of this book. There is the past, future and present life of the circus all rolled up into one book. Each chapter is dated and mainly follows the lives of Celia, Marco, and Bailey and their role in the life of the circus. Since the time when they were very young, Celia and Marco have been trained in the art of illusion. Celia’s instructor (who happens to be her father) and Marco’s instructor, two pretty ancient illusionists with a long standing rivalry, are extremely competitive and basically use their pupils as a show of who is the best illusionist of the two. Venue? The circus. Time limit? There isn’t one. Sadly for Celia and Marco, they are unaware that they have been bound to one another through their instructors’ challenge until they have fallen in love with one another and it is too late to withdraw their feelings. In love, they need to make a tough decision: lose the circus or lose each other. The entire book was almost dreamlike or fantastical, and I was certainly disappointed when I read the last sentence.

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