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The Name of This Book Is Secret (Secret #1) by Pseudonymous Bosch, 364 pages, read by Angie, on 07/28/2012

I have been looking at this series on the library shelf for a while now and I finally decided to pick up this first book in the series. It was definitely worth the read. There is mystery, adventure, magic and some great kids. Plus the author is just quirky enough to keep everything lively and interesting.

Cass is a survivalist who always carries a backpack of supplies just in case there is some kind of disaster. Max-Ernest is a budding comedian who can’t stop talking. Cass’s grandfathers, Wayne and Larry, get a mysterious box called the Symphony of Smells from Real Estate Agent Gloria. She got the box from an odd house where the owner died. The owner was Pietro Bergamo who had synesthesia, he smelled words and sounds instead of hearing them like other people. Cass and Max-Ernest are fascinated by the SOS but even more so when they learn two mysterious figures want the box…Dr. L and Ms. Mauvais. The mystery that follows involves kidnapping, secret societies, a spa and a lot of fun. Cass and Max-Ernest have to find out who Dr. L. and Ms. Mauvais are and why they want the SOS and Bergamo’s journal. As the author says…there is a secret…a secret that isn’t revealed until the final battle.

This was a fun book to read. The characters are so unique and fun and mysterious. You never really know what is going on until the very end. I enjoyed the author’s side comments and footnotes throughout the book. It makes the book read a little different than normal books but that is part of the charm. Definitely a series I would recommend for anyone who likes mystery and adventure.

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