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The Mage's Daughter by Lynn Kurland, 376 pages, read by Kira, on 02/21/2013

Mage's Daughter

The adventures of Morgan and Miach continue as they search for the source of the evil  that is flooding the land and then for the means to defeat this evil.  Miach enters the Weger’s tower where Morgan has fled in order to avoid any magic (the tower is a magic sink).  Miach attempts to convince Morgan to join him in the outer world.  Then  they journey to Torr Dorrain to meet with her elven grandparents who thought her dead.  Afterwards Miach attempts to sneak off to take care of nasty evil by himself, sparing others the vile danger.  Morgan hates being left behind, and eventually turns the tables on Miach,  by sneaking off herself to close the well of Gair.  Finally, Miach and Morgan pledge to Not sneak off but to involve their partner.

I really like the value given to libraries in this series.  Almost every castle/fortress has a library, that has access to valuable information, in the form of history or spells, etc.  When Miach bests the evil mage Droch at a challenge he claims his reward as 1 hour free reign in the library.  Another time the 2 sneak over the walls of a fortress, not to steal some jewels or a magic sword, nay, but to gain access to the LIBRARY!swords crossed

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