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The Lost World by Michael Crichton, 393 pages, read by Janet, on 04/29/2012

After Jurassic Park people have wondered if there could be prehistoric animals still living somewhere on Earth.  Supposedly they lived only a few thousand years then were killed by the falling of meteors.  At a convention in 1993, Dr. Malcolm dicussed the extinction of these animals and said complex animals were unable to adapt to changes in the Earth’s atmosphere.  A young palentologist, Richard Lavine, did not agree that all dinosaurs would have died and had heard rumors of some strange animals existing on an island near Costa Rica.  He had enough money to fund an exploratory trip to the island, Engin, with several other scientists, Sarah Harding, a field biologist from Africa, and Dr. Malcolm.  This is an excitiing adventure where the crew actually did find extinct animals reproducing on the island.  Of course, many of these animals were meat-eaters and the people looked like a good meal.  They had some very close adventures and the main characters did survive.

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