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The Lost Continent: Travels in Small Town America (Paperback) by Bill Bryson , 314 pages, read by Tammy, on 08/06/2012

After the death of his father, Bill Bryson gets nostalgic for the family driving vacations he took as a child from their home in Des Moines Iowa. He decides to come back to the states (he lives in England) and start from his mom’s house and drive across America looking for the perfect small town. He visits some places that the family went to when he was a child, some places, Dad wouldn’t stop for and some because he got lost. He sees some of the best and some of the worst of America and shares it all with ironic humor. This book was published in the late 1980s some obviously some things have changed, but you’ll still learn some fun facts and enjoy the ride with Bryson as he sees the U.S. as both a native son and as a foreigner since he has lived abroad so many years.

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