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The Look by Sophia Bennett , 328 pages, read by Angie, on 03/09/2013

Ted is a tall, gangly 15-year-old. She has always felt like the ugly duckling next to her older sister Ava. Ava is beautiful and everyone loves her; however, Ava hasn’t been feeling well. Her neck is swollen and she has been having night sweats. It turns out that Ava has cancer and has to immediately start chemo and radiation. At the same time Ted is approached on the street by a model scout. She and Ava both think it is a scam until Ted does some investigating and discovers it is real. She starts modeling (or trying to), hiding her new job from her parents and learning a lot about the industry.

I loved Ted. She was a fun, spunky, different character. I love her transition throughout the book. She starts out as an ugly duckling and ends up as a swan (or something like that). She does grow into her self and becomes more confident as she is exposed to more and more of the modeling world. I like that she grew a backbone and stood up for herself and along the way discovered what she really wanted to do with herself. However, my favorite part of the book was the relationship between Ava and Ted. They are typical sister who are going through extraordinary times. I think their relationship is highlighted by the hair cutting scene. They are one and they stick together just like sisters should. I guess my only complaint in this book was the romance angle. You could totally see it coming as soon as Nick was introduced, but I thought it was completely unnecessary. It doesn’t really detract from a wonderful, surprising story though.

I received this galley from the publishers on NetGalley.com.

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