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The Ivy Lessons by SK Quinn, 342 pages, read by Nikki, on 04/25/2013

Ivy LessonsSophia wins a post grad scholarship to Ivy College in London. It’s one of the most difficult colleges to get in to. It’s owned by Marc Blackwell, a very famous actor. He’s arrogant, rude, cold and very strict. He’s also very handsome and young. Sophia is immediately attracted to him. Marc is intrigued by Sophia, and has decided to leave the college to keep himself a safe distance from Sophia. He soon returns and takes Sophia regardless of the college rules and backlash of the public for their relationship.

Ugh, I’m so glad this book was short. I read it because it suggested that if you enjoyed the Fifty Shades books and the Crossfire Series, then “you would just love this book!” Terrible! This book was almost impossible to finish. I actually started re-reading a book I enjoyed in between this book just to make it through. Sophia was a pushover and rarely ever stood up for herself, Marc was an arrogant prick, and there was no real story with the two of them. It was boring and I’m glad it’s over. There is another book after this one, the I refuse to waste my money on.

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