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The Invisible Gorilla: How Our Intuitions Deceive Us by Chabris, Christopher F., 306 pages, read by Kira, on 01/08/2013

invis gorilaYou probably think you would notice if a Gorilla came onto a basketball court, and beat its chest-center stage right? Actually chances are pretty good that if you were counting bounce passes versus aerial passes, you would miss the gorilla – yep 50% of people don’t notice the gorilla.  We think we know how our minds work, but this proves to be an illusion.  Know exactly where you were at, and who you talked to on 9/11?  We feel pretty certain about our memories for these things, but again, the more certain we are about our memories, the less likely they are to be accurate. Read this book to figure out where your blind spots are!

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