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The Innocents by Francesca Segal, 288 pages, read by Andrea, on 07/11/2012

A witty, intelligent story of love,¬†The Innocents is all about accepting what you cannot change and embracing what you already have. Adam Newman has dated Rachel Gilbert since they were both sixteen. Now 28 years old, Adam is beginning to wonder if Rachel’s steady, constant personality is really what he wants. After thirteen years of dating, the picture perfect Jewish wedding is being planned but Adam is unsure it is what he wants.¬†Ellie, Rachel’s eccentric and beautiful younger cousin has just returned from New York to stay in London. The black sheep of the family, her life has had its ups and downs. Staying with Ziva, Rachel and Ellie’s grandmother, Adam begins to have feelings for Ellie. He has total stability among the Gilberts, a strong, traditional Jewish family, but he has total freedom and unpredictable excitement with Ellie. Although this was Francesca Segal’s first book, it seemed so complex in thought. Each plot was intertwined into yet another plot and I felt she made it easy to fall in love with all of the characters. I felt this book was not only about Adam growing up and understanding himself as a man and husband. It was also about the value of family and how much each of us is willing to do to protect those within our own circle.

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